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Hosting Transformation – Stories from the edge of changemaking



This book is a collection of stories from people who are dedicated to unlocking the world’s potential. Inside, you will discover the spirit of changemakers through their telling of challenges and transformations faced head-on. This book is about lifelong learning. This book is about the change that is already happening. Are we there yet?


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International Partnership for Transformative Learning
Edited by Betsy McCall & Joos van den Dool
Foreword by Ervin Laszlo

Creative Commons licence: You are free to share, to copy, distribute and transmit the work for non-commercial purposes with mention of the source: International Partnership for Transformative Learning. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

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You can buy a printed version here. The printing was not subsidised by the EU.
ISBN 978-3-00-042450-2