Idea II: Hosting Transformation

Research deepening the work we have already started in the Learning Partnership. Looking at the bottleneck issues during the changemaking process and exploring on how we facilitate support for them. In a quick brainstorming, Jutta and I found those typical bottleneck issues of a changemaker:

*To be aware and touched by a social problem without instantly losing hope and getting bitter and resignated about the topic.
*To find solutions on a higher level than the one that caused the problem.
*To creatively match the restrictions, laws and structures in reality with the dream.
*To deal with the high complexity in a world that can’t be foreseen.
*To get started. To master the transition from vision/idea/concept stage to the first steps of implementation.
*Finding ways to finance social businesses/initiatives, especially in the very first stage.
*Stamina, keeping the spirits high and continuing even if implementation takes its time and brings its obstacles, and finding a healthy way to use the own energies and resources.
*Creating a wishful future and –although this is still far away from reality, living the present and enjoying the moment of now.

Target-group learners
people who are interested in the offers of our organisations. A nice chance to test us.
Target-group train the trainer
social workers
neighbourhood managers
transition town people

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