Idea III: Hosting Diversity

Support change-makers with very diverse needs. Again and again we find it a great challenge to support real project learning with changemakers who work all on different projects, are in different phases of their project development, have different speeds of learning and understanding, different needs in terms of how rational or intuitive, how process oriented or how output oriented they work, how much work is on the personal development and on the project development etc. Still it is extremely valuable to work in a workshop setting where all those changemakers come together, work together and learn together. But how to deal with those very diverse needs in a productive way without the need of a whole arena of facilitators who do individual coachings? How to use this diversity to support each other’s needs? How to find facilitation methods that allow diversification within the group?
We at Visionautics already have a prototype of a method we call “signposting”, we’ve been developing the last two years. It is a kind of signpost parcours system that allows a buzzing around of participants, going along with their very specific needs and finding a multitude of multisensual tasks. We might bring that in as one bases to start with.

Target-group learners
ideal for big groups, conferences, festivals
Target-group train the trainer
hosts of HUBs
organizers of large goup events

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