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appreciative-community-building, awareness-raising, collective-intelligence, integration-of-input-into-daily-life, opener, problem-solving, reflection, social-skills, understanding-complexity

Empathic Interview


In order to really understand a situation including the thoughts, needs, problems and hopes of the people you are innovating for, one of the easiest and most direct ways is to talk to them. Empathic interviews are a gentle and effective way to do that.

Dare to Ask


This method is about opening up and daring to ask any kind of questions concerning your project/enterprise. You present your “problem” and your audience will bombard you with solutions on post-its.

Money Game


The object of the money exercise is to create an experiential field for people to observe themselves and gain consciousness, primarily in regard to their relationship to money but also in a wider sense.

Disney Method


A cyclic creative process in 3-4 phases to dream up new ideas, make them realistic and evaluate them by using different rooms for each phase. It helps come up with high quality ideas, thoroughly thought through from different perspectives.



Prototyping translates an idea or a concept into experimental action. It is a way to create a microcosm that allows you to explore the future by doing. Prototypes work on the principle of “failing early to learn quickly.”