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International Partnership for Transformative Learning

The International Partnership for Transformative Learning (IPTL) is a social network of practitioners and hosts of transformative learning. IPTL articulates this new paradigm of learning, develops and implements new tools for addressing it, and brings together the practitioners who have the power and skills to host this transformation.
The IPTL started in 2011 as an alliance of eight European organisations funded as Learning Partnership by the EU Grundtvig Programme. In 2013, the IPTL organised the yearly ChangeMaker Festival and started to invite new partners in.

The aims of the IPTL

We articulate the new paradigm of learning:

We are facilitators of transformation through life-long learning, guided by assumptions that:
(1)the roles of teacher and student are blending into roles of partners in mutual transformation.
(2)learning processes are becoming more and more relation based, fostering mutual personal development.
(3)new competences are acquired through real life experience, rather than transaction of knowledge or oneway teaching.

We offer the concepts and words to communicate transformative experience to the world, both
(1)to empower/encourage individuals who value life-long learning to act bravely, with more clarity and
(2)to bring transformative learning to the attention of (educational) institutions & organisations, government and research.

We develop & implement new tools:

IPTL members provide ways for people to develop to their full potential. IPTL convinces and attracts life-long learners/transformers by the playful, deep impact and effective programs that its members offer.
IPTL members develop and implement tools for creating transformative environments, collecting concrete knowledge and sharing it through the digital repository maintained by the IPTL.

Members use the IPTL network for fulfilling practical needs and exchanging wisdom about organisational and methodological matters, understanding that new structures are needed and new leadership styles have emerged that open space for co-creation and participation in every segment for everyone involved. IPTL is the reference point in terms of transformative learning for interested individuals, researchers and practitioners alike.

We bring together practitioners and people interested:

IPTL is a participative, supportive, creative and present network of practitioners supporting each other and transformative learners, e.g. people in processes of expanding consciousness. IPTL provides opportunities (festivals, projects, meetings) for people to meet and participate in a nonhierarchical circle of learners based on respect, authenticity, participation and self-leadership. This contribution to a social transformation, to a culture of stepping into action and taking social responsibility is an important aspect of both the members of the IPTL and the idea of transformative learning.