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Dare to Ask

Posted by Sylvia Brenzel from Plenum


Group size

1 – 500

Is participant experience relevant?

It's okay if participants haven't seen the inside of a classroom in years.

Physical trust needed

Mental trust needed


Material Description

a lot of post-its! (at least 20 per participant)



10 minutes – 30 minutes

Experience level of the facilitator

self explanatory, no experience needed

Number of facilitators



Level of activation


Woo-Woo Level – How touchy-feely is this method?

From 1.Rationalist-Materialist “No feelings here, folks.” to 5.Esoteric-Shamanic Bleeding Heart:

Innovation Phases:

2 Creating an Innovation-Friendly Culture
3 Fostering New Perspectives & Ways of Thinking
5 Grounding the Idea
6 Prototyping
7 Implementation & Diffusion
8 Upscaling

Method Category:

Appreciative / Community building
Business / Entrepreneurial Thinking
Collective Intelligence
Conflict resolution
Problem Solving


This method is about opening up and daring to ask any kind of questions concerning your project/enterprise. You present your “problem” and your audience will bombard you with solutions on post-its.



The intention of this exercise is to a) open up and dare to ask any kind of questions concerning your project/enterprise and b) receive as many suggestions as possible in a short period of time. You will be surprised and overwhelmed about the collective wisdom of a group.


Knowmads Alternative Business School




Give the participants some time to prepare their core questions concerning their project/enterprise. The more concrete the questions are, the greater impact the answers will have.

1 Present your Case

One participant steps forward and briefly describes their case (which can be a project, an enterprise, an initiative...). At the end of the presentation, they ask 1 to 3 core questions, that they are working on and where help is needed.

2 Write Feedback

The audience is now asked to write down all the helpful hints, suggestions, and ideas that come to mind on post-its, in response to the question(s) of the presenter. These helpful hints could be: contact details of a potential helper, a recommendation of a book or film, etc.

The facilitator gives the audience about 5-10 minutes. Trust and follow your intuition. If there is no writing any more, you can finish the round.

3 PostOrama!

Each audience member steps forward, saying aloud the idea on their post-it, and sticks the post-it either on the presenter's poster or on the presenter themselves! Keep it moving fast.

4 Next Presenter

Rotate through the group, repeating the process until everyone has had an opportunity to present their case.


At the end the presenter keeps all the post-its.


Trainers for this method can be hired here:

http://www.plenum.at/ and http://pioneersofchange.at/ http://www.plenum.at/de/wer-wir-sind/team.html

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