Dear Transformation Hosts!

Let’s empower and encourage individuals who value life-long learning to act bravely, with more clarity.
Let’s bring transformative learning to the attention of (educational) institutions & organisations, governments and research.
Let’s foster a culture of stepping into action and taking social responsibility.
Let’s do it together.

This page is both, a survey to learn about your needs and wants regarding the Hosting Transformation platform and a tool to co-create its business model.
You will see, that you can easily spend half an hour or more with this questionnaire. Please answer only the questions you are drawn to. None is mandatory. If you only have 5 minutes – great! Answer as many questions as you can in the given timeframe and press “Submit”.
So let’s dive right in:

Which annual contribution (€) would you be willing to give for each offer?

What kind of help do you want?


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