BLended Adult Learning for the Social-ecological Transition (BLAST) – tools, assessments, and frameworks

Join us to explore with other curious and committed facilitators, teachers, artists, and coaches how we can host transformation. Among much more we have to share: 

  • a toolbox with hosting transformation methods
  • a framework for the socio-ecological transition
  • expertise on how to foster a community of practice
  • a nervous system–based approach to conflict transformation
  • a tête-à-tête between ‚generative social fields’ and Japanese tea ceremony

But we are also eager to get inspired by your questions and ideas. And maybe you even want to contribute or become part of our movement.The 2 half days event is blended, so you can join online or come to a nice location on an island in Berlin.Let’s host transformation – together.


September 25th @ 13:00 to 26th @ 13:00 CESTBlended event with online and on site participants
Cost: Free, donations appreciated 

Language: English


Evangelische Bildungsstätte
Inselstr. 27-28
Berlin, 14129  Google Map


25th September

13:00 – 14:00 Introduction to BLAST-Project

BLAST is a project run by the transnational Transformative Education Community of Practice formed by members of ECOLISE and other partners. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ strategic partnerships programme and started in October 2019. It focuses on the enhancement of transformative learning across Europe.
Anna Storck will give us an introduction to the blended and transformative learning competencies from the BLAST project – a useful tool kit for anyone dedicated to social & ecological transition.

Dr. Anna Storck
Integral Trainer & Coach

14:00 – 16:00 Workshop by Daniel Auf der Mauer

“Working with Beginnings: a Trauma–informed and Nervous System–based Approach to Conflict Transformation”
The most underrated factors in conflict transformation are the role of the nervous system, the power of co–regulation and the presence of the past through unresolved individual & collective trauma.
Blended live workshop. Daniel will join us online.

Details of the Workshop

Conflict is never “out there” – it always starts “in here”: as an inner experience of emotional overwhelm, of “too much”.

This workshop is built on a modern, nervous system–based and trauma–informed approach to conflict transformation. It teaches you how to expand your embodied capacity to slow down, breathe, and host your own emotional conflict experience in a sustainable and integrative way.

Once you are able to be there “for yourself” in a conflict, you are only then available to be there for someone else. This is what it means to become the change that you want to see in the world. What appeared as a conflict before becomes a challenge you can respond to in a mature and flexible way. Where before you could only react, now you have a choice.

You will learn about:

  • Neurobiological Principles of Conflict: emotional overwhelm, cortical shutdown & projection
  • Loop of Understanding: a practical and efficient conflict intervention tool
  • Co–Regulation: addressing and integrating negative emotion in conflict
  • The Presence of the Past: unresolved individual & collective trauma as the non–negotiable background circumstance every present–day conflict takes place in
  • Being in Service: how to give priority to the integrity of the process and receive sustainable outcomes instead of producing pretty solutions.

Daniel Auf der Mauer
Photograper, Systemic Coach & Mediator

16:30 – 17:00 Break

17:00 – 19:00 Interactive Panel discussion on BLAST community & competence building

Blended learning for the social-ecological transition combines experiential place-based learning through immersion in community-led initiatives with online opportunities for exchange and peer learning in geographically distributed Communities of Practice. Blended approaches extend the reach, facilitate access, improve motivation, enhance flexibility, and synergise otherwise disconnected opportunities for learning and action.

The purpose of the BLAST partnership is to enable educators, trainers, facilitators, mentors, researchers etc. in delivering transformative learning opportunities to citizens, communities and professionals that engage as change-makers and game-changers in the social-ecological transition. Join us in the panel discussion about blended transformative learning and Community of Practice with our guest:

Boris Goldammer
Hosting Transformation & Visionautik
BLAST IO2 Methods

Davie Philip
Community Catalyst & Facilitator at Cultivate
BLAST IO1 Community of Practice

Nenad Maljković
Permaculture CoLab Agile Coach
BLAST IO1 Community of Practice

19:00 – 21:00 Dinner and Get together

For all participants joining us in-person in Berlin. We are planing a dinner together near the Venue. Details will follow.

26th September

10:00 – 13:00 Workshop by Lukas Herrmann and Kazuma Matoba

““Ichi-Go Ichi-E – (One time, one meeting): ‘Generative social field’ meets Japanese Tea Ceremony”
Careful examination can sometimes reveal that ancient eastern traditions and western sociological concepts are not as dissimilar as one might think. For example, one could discover that field theory, or rather that which the academic discourse has termed ‘social fields,’ and the art of tea ceremony bear tentative likeness and can be mutually illuminating.
The key principles of a tea ceremony – space, time, and information – are likewise central to social fields. Let us talk it over – over a cup of tea!

Details about the Workshop

The tea ceremony enables the emergence of social fields, which here take the form of ‘BA’. The inner conditions of individuals are cultivated with the help of material and spiritual nutrients provided by a mindful host. Practical results lie in the ceremony’s emphasis on the present. Otto Scharmer defines ‘social fields’ as social systems which have “an emphasis on the source conditions that give rise to patterns of thinking, conversing, and organizing, which in turn produce practical results”. Moreover, he posits that these source conditions are “co-shaped by the inner condition of individuals and quality of the ‘social soil’”.

The workshop has two parts:

Part 1: Tea ceremony:

an immersive social field experience based on an ancient Eastern contemplative social cultivation practice. In this part of the workshop we will be introduced to the art of the tea ceremony (eg. MA, Ichi-Go Ichi-E, Ba), enacting its social field and immersing ourselves in it with all senses.

Part 2: Reflection for action:

  • What can we learn from this ancient tradition?
  • How can it inform our ways of shaping social fields and facilitating change?

In the second part of the workshop, we will presence the social field that was created and reflect on its impact. To facilitate this reflection, terminologies and frameworks of East and West will intersect and encounter a common ground(lessness).

Dr. Kazuma Matoba
University Professor, Trainer & Visionary

Lukas Herrmann
Social Field Practitionery


This in-person two-days conference will take place in the
Evangelische Bildungsstätte,
Inselstr. 27-28 in
14129 Berlin.
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Only 15 persons will be allowed to attend physically and 50 persons are invited to the online conference.


If you want to attend the conference in-person and need accommodation in the Evangelische Bildungsstätte, please register below. The accommodation cost is 67 EUR per double room.

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