Dear participant of „Pioneering Facilitation for Impact”,

what a good decision that you will join our anniversary webinar on Friday 🙂

Here is your Invitation Link.

You don’t need a password.
Please make sure to have a computer with microphone and camera. We are using the tool “Wonder“ which is especially nice for casual small group conversations, but it does not work on smartphones.Bring yourself a drink, some snacks or anything else to treat you at the informal part of the celebration. We can do with some curiosity, openness and experimental spirit, but we’ll also gently tune you into an atmosphere of experimentation, so don’t worry if you don’t feel in a daring mood at all.

This is expecting you:

Workshop Offers on Pioneering Facilitation, Community Connection Activities, Celebration with Website Relaunch, Info about Transformation Hosts International and how to get involved. The last bit is reserved for Party Conversations and Dancing.
The workshop topics are:

  • Sharing transformative experience by the fireside about breaking new ground
  • Creative materialization: Building an Unknown Territory Exploring Machine.
  • Transformation Hosts International Sandbox: Prototyping mutual help for transformation challenges.
  • Meditation on „Extending one’s individual limits“.

We are looking forward to our time together!
Suiko, Jutta, Joos and Boris from the Transformation Hosts International Hosting Team 🙂

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