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Transformative Learning Hackathon

Dear educational designers,

are you already designing educational experiences for transformative learning? Are you interested in networking and sharing your knowledge? Are you free from 28.05.-01.06.2019? We are inviting you to a 3-day international event in the Netherlands with 19 participants from 5 countries. We will play, work, connect and have fun! Your contribution will be your knowledge and experience. All costs will be covered for you. Interested? See below for more info and apply by sending an E-Mail with your motivation to ursel.bi@gmail.com

Visionautics is part of a consortium of 5 organisations who have been very persistent in applying for an Erasmus Plus grant for a 2-year project to Build capacity for Transformative learning. In different words, we aim to create 4 outcomes:


  1. competencies framework that will describe the critical competencies needed to be able to design and deliver curriculums that have a lasting transformative impact

  2. a curriculum that will help these adult educators obtain, or upgrade their capacity for offering such programs

  3. a book with a researched theoretical background in theory about transformative learning, with practical translations for practitioners who want to have a handy book at hand with resources to further their learning in the field

  4. an online learning environment (4-months long) where our team will support a group of adult educators in designing and executing their own transformative curriculums.


The projects’summary is available at this link: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/projects/eplus-project-details/#project/2018-1-DE02-KA204-005108


The event in May is especially steered towards professionals like yourself: people who have been developing cutting edge participatory curriculums for years and would love to expand their network within the EU with people doing similar work. We aim to create a strong community of coaches, facilitators, trainers and other education innovation professionals who would love to achieve the following:

  • knowing how to better/easier describe what we do

  • having a common language on how to explain why is this type of transformative work important for the future society and work development

  • exchange good practices

  • connect to new facilitation, curriculum design approaches emerging in Europe and worldwide

  • having a go-to community of practitioners you can call and spar with in times of designing and preparation

Important logistical info:

When? Wed-Fri 29-30-31st May 2019,

arrival day: 28. May

departure day: 1st June



walk in + coffee, chit chat


morning session (=3hrs)



14:30 – 17:30h

afternoon session (=3 hrs)

Where? Zid Theater, De Roos van Dekamaweg 1, 1061 HR Amsterdam

Organizer: Neža Krek, Meaningful Meetings, also the main facilitator of the program. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nezakrek/

Contribution: Your time and energy. Catering, program and space is provided for by the EU.


Draft of the program available here:

Day 1: experience a showcase of a transformative learning design by Guus Wink, a practitioner with over 15 years of experience in the field, founder of Knowmads Hanoi and education innovator

Day 2: unpacking the learning from day 1 and applying that to the competencies framework this project is creating to ease the recognition of transformative learning work

Day 3: hacking curriculums – a playful approach to designing a curriculum that will, later on, be open source to all organisations interested in building capacity for transformative learning in their organisations steered towards adult learners


I sincerely hope you can be a part of this adventure!


Please, let me know as soon as possible if you can participate.


Have a wonderful day,

Ursel and Boris