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Hosting Social Innovation E-Learning Course

Do you want to facilitate creative meetings and innovation processes with ease?

Join the free online course about hosting social innovation!

We would like to invite you to take part in our e-learning course, that will take place from 24th of April through 4th of June 2017. It will be an interactive e-learning intensive. Participants will be collaborating with one another in pairs and small groups with ample support from tutors.

Application form for the English course (April 24 – June 4) is available until 30th of April 2017

& for the German course (May 8 – June 25) is until 15th of May.

For whom?

  • innovators, visionaries, facilitators of change, sustainability professionals, social entrepreneurs, trainers, teachers;

  • participants coming from diverse sectors: business, social enterprises, NGOs, academia, other institutions;

  • all who share interest in the facilitation of social innovations.

Goal of this course:

  • To better understand the importance of social innovation;

  • To gain practical skills, to support others during all innovation phases as well as getting to know tools and methods which will help you and others to realize ideas and visions.

Why should you take part in this course?

  • Rich curriculum, covering all the innovation phases with examples of the methods that can be used, practical cases from a variety of countries.

  • The form and the program of the course is based on extensive experience engaging in e-learning in the field of sustainability.

  • The distance learning makes the course available to everybody with internet access — you can learn from everywhere you want.

  • A diverse group of participants represent a great opportunity for getting to know new perspectives and ways of thinking crucial to innovation.

  • Tutors with practical experience in both online education as well as project implementation support you in deeper understanding of the course material, providing you with feedback on realized tasks.

  • Meet  engaging practitioners in our two webinars and hear their stories of how they overcame innovation barriers.

What you need to take into account when you decide to participate in this course?

  • Participation is free of charge.

  • You need consistent, high-speed internet access.

  • Your engagement in this training can vary depending on how much time you have – there are some obligatory parts and some complimentary optional activities. Of course, the more you give the more you get! The whole course requires approximately 4 hours per week.

  • All of the participants that successfully finish the course will earn a certificate.

The course is part of the project Hosting Social Innovation realized by an alliance of four organizations from four different European countries: plenum gmbh (Austria), Visionautik Akademie (Germany), Sendzimir Foundation (Poland), Art Monastery (Italy).