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Jar with Inspirational Quotes


Jar or box contains a collection of daily inspirational quotes. The quotes are printed on hand rolled, hand tied scrolls. Each scroll contains one inspirational message to read daily or when you need to get some inspiration.

Metaphoric Cards


Cards stimulate creativity and communication. They can be used as a co-creative, co-operative game designed to enhance communications, encourage expression, and stimulate imagination through a variety of interpretations.

Intention Setting


When people set intentions at the beginning of a session, day, workshop, or project, powerful potential is unleashed. Participants simply identify what their aim is and the facilitator reminds them periodically to return to their intention.

Eye Gazing Portraits


In groups of three, participants draw each other’s eyes without looking at the paper.

Directions Practice


A contemplative movement exercise inspired by the Cherokee prayer dance called the Dance of the Directions and by certain Tai Chi forms, this non-strenuous activity is balancing and connecting.

Lectio Divina


A step-by-step creative process adapted from ancient monastic practices for deepening your relationship with a particular text.