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Multisensual facilitation workshop


Visionautik Akademie




You will be introduced to the Visionautic way of thinking, experiment with and reflect on a variety of multisensual approaches and methods for a rich, colourful and creative facilitation style. After seven workshop days you will be the proud owner of an ample multisensual toolkit which includes:

  • How to prepare a creative setting and an activating surrounding.
  • How to create an atmosphere of fun and experimental learning.
  • How to work with Visionautic material to develop and share ideas: maps, logbooks, inspirations, props, etc.
  • How to visualize and sensualize complexity: graphic recording, graphic facilitation, evolution lines, sociometric exercises, models etc.
  • How to set memory anchors in your body: arrow breaking, magnetic pictures, circular empowerment etc.
  • Exercises with rhythm, voice and dance to improve communication.
  • Multisensual tools to stimulate meaningful dialogues: instant paintings, picture archives, impro theater exercises etc.
  • Small interventions to turn everyday’s situations into magic events.
  • Innovative forms of presentation and giving feedback.
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