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Pioneers of change

Vision and Mission:

To invigorate individual Pioneers. We need young people who are courageously and professionally committed in their lives to create change. We give them the strengths and teaching for them to develop concrete projects, organizations and sustainable businesses.
Strengthening the change movement. Together we are powerful! Through the Pioneers of Change we support the current of change: we reinforce it, strengthen and steady it. This creates a lasting network which brings the (im)possibility of the future into the present. Year after year the number of initiatives grows – moving towards a sustainable and peaceful world.
Inspiration and positive images for the future. Real-world examples and lived experience provide us with courage for new ideas. Pioneers of Change is not an intellectual concept, but rather, lived examples of positive images for the future. Beyond “Yes we can” we live “Yes we do” and “Yes we are”: this offers inspiration, excitement and creativity for alternative paths as a society. This excitement is an important component for change and social metamorphosis.
Viral cultural affects. Far-reaching change comes from within, has external affects and is ‘contagious’! The participants incorporate the approaches, methods and cultural elements experienced over the course of the training into other organizations, projects, families, relationships and social contexts. This allows for a living culture of sustainable environments: Pioneers have a viral effect!
Multiplication of the training concept. Pioneers of Change are needed everywhere. We support the establishment and proliferation of similar projects with comparable intentions, adapted to local circumstances. This personal development for social transformation includes all ages, geographic regions and continental contexts.

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